Leaving MWO ... Why and how

Alright. This blog post now serves to replace my original Mechwarrior Online (Hereafter referred to as "the game") forum post which PGI (The developer of the game) or IGP (The publisher of the game) seem to have deleted. This post was linked in my forum signature, and PGI or IGP has since edited my signature, removing all content and leaving it blank. Here was my signature:

Game uninstalled - Refund in progress - #goodbyemwo Leaving because of 3PV? Read this.

...where "this" pointed to my forum entry with polite instructions on how to indicate our displeasure to PGI including refund request instructions and points of contant at IGP and PGI over email, web forms and social media.

So to those who ask. What is going on? Why have I left a game which I poured so much in to over the past year?

TL;DR version: - I don't like being lied to
Short version: The hardcore Mechwarrior Online community is in open revolt
Longer version: Loaded Dice - What happened to Mechwarrior Online?
Meme version: PGI telling IGP about Mechwarrior Online 3rd person outrage
Bonus round: A now slightly out-of-date, but still good sample of some of the quotes from PGI on this over time: Pic

The ignition: To summarise, I played the game because I wanted to play a 'Mech simulator which is what we were told it would be. A particular aspect was added to the game which runs counter to the simulator experience. We were promised this wouldn't happen. Then we were promised that if it was done, it would be done in a way which didn't force us to play against it. Then they went back on that and it was both implemented and we were forced to play against it.

Fuel to the fire: The non-apology apology

Crapping* on the fire: The 'middle finger'*, I mean the September Creative Developer Update. AKA "[We don't want your type around here]".

In closing: Unite and Drop

*Censored as if I wrote the actual words there I run a higher risk of my signature being removed again when I link this. They will probably do it again anyway.



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New Zealand General Election 2011 - The drinking game edition

Firstly - Yes. Two blogs in 24 hours (For like the first time in a year and a half). Technically one of them was only because Twitlonger was (is still?) broken (?) or something yesterday.

Secondly - Right. The New Zealand General Election 2011 is this weekend. Please vote everyone!

Lastly - So here we will be on Saturday evening, watching the election coverage, and for some reason, my second thought is "How can this get turned into a drinking game?".

Now by no means do I recommend anyone drink irresponsibly, and you should certainly, never, ever, EVER drink and drive. This should be obvious based on how low-key the rules for the drinking game are as listed below.

So my rules for the New Zealand General Election 2011 drinking game are:

Every time one of these occurs, you take a drink of whatever you're drinking, be it beer, wine, spirits, mixer, whatever...

* Every time the word 'referendum' is mentioned.

* Every time your electorate is mentioned (People in Epsom will probably get wasted)

* Every time the MP you voted for is mentioned.

* Every time there is a display of 'how seats in parliament will look based on current projections'.

...Think I'll run with that. Probably kinda tame, but that's all good. Might manage to think of a few more.


A response to @vijilkiwi

In response to:


...based on:


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Rob, the answer to your question lies at the heart of the question itself. This - http://i.imgur.com/Zkdwx.jpg - is not an "industry". This - http://i.imgur.com/UwD8J.jpg - is not an "industry". This - http://i.imgur.com/IMBqZ.jpg - is not an "industry".

Education is by far the most important human endeavour. Without education, we are simply sitting in a cave banging rocks together. You go and ask ANY educator, and I'll sit here and wait...Pop down to a school (Your nearest school - ANY school) and ask anyone there involved in education for their thoughts on personality tests for teachers, and 100% of them will oppose it, and they will ALL give you a much better answer than I possibly can. Or find someone who lived in Nazi Germany in the 1930s for their thoughts on this. I promise you, they will all oppose the idea.

So this personality test? How about we have this test to weed out National supporters? Still support personality tests in education? Anything else we should weed out? Critical thinking? Dissent? Yes. Just be quiet. Be a good little teacher/student, and do what you’re told. There's a good job waiting for you when your education is complete. Just be good. Be quiet. Conform to 'this' personality profile or you can't be a teacher. Shall we conduct personality tests for students as well, and weed out the undesirable students who will disrupt the rest of the class?

This is the thought police, and has absolutely no place in public education what so ever. If you REALLY want a good answer to this question, go to a school and ask. Seriously. Let me know which school you went to, who you spoke with, and what their answer was.



LIFE - My little baby

So today is my first baby's fourth birthday. My little girl is growing up so fast. This evening she was sitting in her new bed, smiling as she listened to her pegasus music box. Brought more than a few tears to my eyes. Happy birthday Kiki. (Photo to come).


20091120 - An (NZ) rant

Alright. I'll take a sec to make a comment on a subject that I don't often comment on, and that is New Zealand politics. The reasons I don't often do this are:

1) Kiwis are relatively private when it comes to discussing politics and religion (And these two subjects are things that have little influence or impact Kiwis in their daily decisions)

2) New Zealand politics are fairly banal, and generally low impact, particularly when it comes to foreign policy.

3) I've largely given up making any comments on any political subject because it feels like I'm pissing in the wind.

4) I generally don't have time.

...So my comment is this, and I'll start with a question. How many Kiwis are aware that the NZDF has decided to deploy LAVs in support of our SAS personnel serving in Afghanistan? This of course in addition to Army personnel deployed in reconstruction efforts.

I suspect the answer to this question is "Not many". I put this down to a failure on the part of the New Zealand media to give the matter any real coverage. Unfortunately the news in New Zealand is heading down hill. Detail in stories is getting smaller, we're getting more quick coverage across a spectrum of subjects (Good if you want your information to be broad. Not good if you want your information to be deep) and more puff pieces are flowing in. I refer primarily to the TV news here. New Zealand doesn't actually have a source for hard news really. You can watch stuff from overseas, but this fails to cover New Zealand issues like the ones above.

I actually (Politely) asked three Kiwi work mates their thoughts on this subject recently, and one of them stutteringly tried to answer the question, with a look of shock on his face that I asked the question, and the other two quietly shuffled their feet while looking at the ground, not even bothering to answer the question. Kiwis are good at burying their heads in the sand some times. Not when it comes to hard work, but certainly when it comes to hard questions.

So on the matter of the LAVs. Sure. The reason behind deploying them has some merit in that they will make our SAS personnel there more safe (grammar check suggests “safer”. I’d have received a wrap on the knuckles for that while I was at school) than they currently are. This doesn't belie the fact that our SAS should not be in Afghanistan in the first place. For arguments of "Helping the people of Afghanistan", "Spreading [sic] freedom and democracy" and "Rebuilding a failed state"*, the SAS are actually there to curry favour with the United States relative to a free trade agreement. So what this means is, New Zealand military personnel have potential to die in a country with which New Zealand is NOT at war, all to sell more butter in the United States. Keep enjoying your National lead government. I told you so. How's that tax cut your were lied^H^H^H^Hpromised?

So if you don't have a problem with the LAV deployment, do you have a problem with Hercs being sent as well? How about artillery? How about more support personnel? Where does it end? And what will you say when someone turns their attention on New Zealand and says "This is for your support of the imperial aggression on the part of the United States"? The US doesn't even know what it's doing there. What are we going to do when the conflict in Afghanistan spreads even further than the worst kept secret of (Illegal) CIA drone attacks in Pakistan? So why are we assisting in a conflict; the basic purpose of which those who are carrying it out is in question. But that is another thing I've ranted over before. The US is over. Seriously. I've given up, and I'm just watching the country spiral down the drain. I have no faith that a real positively transformative figure can be elected to president in the United States. The country will collapse through its own debt, which is a result of ignorance and greed. The parallels with the end of the Rome cannot be ignored. All empires end. It's China's turn now. The only question is, do we destroy our environment while we’re at it.

* For anyone who wants to use this argument in support of what's being done in Afghanistan, I hope you're not a hypocrite and have plans to invade other failed states to carry out the same efforts.