INTERWEB - A plague on all your houses...

Bleah. As much as people hate Microsoft Passport, it saves one the plague of multiple sign-ons across multiple web sites and vbulliten boards. I try to use that same login name across sites. If that's taken use another ID which definately won't be taken. Then I use a secure password, but some sites don't allow you to use special characters in your passwords, so I use a different one.

For the most part I hate sites that REQUIRE registration just to read stuff. Come on! So I can't remember which logon I use for a site. So I click the "Forgotten password" link. When I don't get a reply, I presume it's someone else with that login, so I try the other, and I don't get that either. So ok. Was the first one or second one correct and there is an issue transmitting my password? Grrr...Hate it much!!!111!1

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