LIFE, PAINTBATLL - Reports of my demise...

...have been partially exaggerated. As per my last post I was down in Wellington for the first NZPPA event for 2005. The event went well. Nightmares of the tournament being shut down by OSH did not eventuate. Field was interesting. Venue was cool. Hybrid came second which was both cool and sucked at the same time, and Hybrid ST showed some talent. The thing that the event showed was that Hybrid is a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to the future of the team. Congrats to Saints for the victory.

The "players party" was pretty low key, but still enjoyable. Davie, Davie, Davie. Tisk, tisk. Sounds like some kept going to the wee hours.

Massive thanks to Darren and Kate for putting Megz and I up. Kate's folks have a beautiful house. And Darren makes rockin french toast.

Now afterwards there were two things that sucked. One, getting a flat tyre early in the trip. Fortunately Big Sy was there behind us on his way back to Auckland and lent a hand. Turned out our wheel brace didn't fit the after market wheels. So we when to Super Cheap and got another. Right size for the nuts, but the walls of the socket wouldn't fit in the holes on the wheels. Fortunately I was able to get hold of Link and he used his angle grinder to "customise" our wheel brace. It takes a long time to get to Auckland on a space saver tyre. Long trip home.

Then to cap it all off, it turns our I REALLY banged up my knee at the tournament. I played through Sunday with a bandaged knee and pumped up on Extra Strength Panadol, adrenalin and Red Bull. Unfortunately an infection got in through the abrasion on my knee. I'm on antibiotics for a week and a half, and I've been off work this week. I've been feeling pretty wasted actually. And it's banged up like a sonofabitch...XBall practice here I come.

The saving grace was the purchase of Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball for the Xbox while I was in Wellington. On problem. I don't have an Xbox. Well. Didn't have an Xbox. To any tournament player. Get GHTP! You will like it. I promise.

Oh. And finally got a copy of Dynasty Dissected. Yes, it may cover the basics, but it covers the basics well. This DVD should be compulsory for all tournament players. I'm on a mission to make sure members of Hybrid have all bought a copy. Thanks B$ and the Dynarats (I don't think you can call them that any more. They're all big and grown up now).

And get this. I'm watching Dissected, and Megz is reading on the couch. She looks up and says, "Who's that?". "D'uh. It's Ollie Lang. You met him at HB", I answer. "Oh. He's cute.". replies Megz. *sigh*. How am I supposed to compete with that? ;-) She think's Ryan's cute too. Well I have his pants! So there!


Rosey said...

You have his pants, I have his shoes....

Man, sounds like we mugged him and stole his clothes!! LOL

marty said...

You can't compete with that man ... another reason you better not move to Wellers. How will she handle all the "A grade" ballers around here?