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It's late. I should be going to bed. But I've been changing some newsletters over to the new address, and while reading an old one for a collectable card game I used to play (The Star Trek CCG), I was trying to find current contact details for someone I used to play with in Wellington, but who later went to Otago University and I lost contact with him. Try as I might, I've not been able to find him through Google for years.

So I wondered how hard it would be for someone to find me. I took some of the major things I've done over the years and Googled the following:

"Peter Hamilton" "New Zealand" - Too many hits
"Peter Hamilton" "Star Trek CCG" - Not me
"Peter Hamilton" "New Zealand" "Star Trek CCG" - Nuttin
"Peter Hamilton" Battletech - Too much Peter F. Hamilton stuff
"Peter Hamilton" "New Zealand" Battletech - Not me
"Peter Hamilton" "New Zealand" paintball - See below

...And I've not been able to find Hollis Ross Jr. for years either. I mean you think you'd Google "Hollis Ross (Jr.)" and "Karen" (His wife last we knew) and find something...But nothing. I'm wondering how many people will loose track of me when I change my e-mail address...:-(

But while Googling myself, I found the following at:

"...I appologize for Peter Hamilton, because I always looked at him as a bullshit guy just because everybody around me had that opinion, but after I played besides him I saw how gr8 a player he is and a really nice person as well. Sorry Pete." - Raphx*

* Raph is a Brazilian guy living here in NZ that I played a tournament with over Queen's Birthday 2005. Based on his comments, I wonder what people really think of me. Or perhaps it was just the guys he was hanging around (Menace? I dunno).

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Peter, Try searching on surname using the zip "21045" with www.whitepages.com. The number may work...

Doug (The White Mage)