I was going to address this to the US Senate the the US Administration. But you know what? They were simply elected by the people they represent. Whether or not they are carrying out the wishes of those who elected them, I'm unsure, but if they are not, the voters have allowed this to happen. So this is for you America. FUCK YOU!

For those that don't know, don't care, don't pay attention, don't whatever, the US Sentate has voted in legislation eliminating habeas corpus for "enemy combatants", as defined by the US Administration, and condoning torture, flying in the face of the Geneva Convention. Lord knows, I'm probably an "enemy combatant" for this blog.

If I was living in the United States now (And this is one of many reasons I happily live in New Zealand now), I would be very close to picking up a gun. Maybe I could manage to wait till the elections in November, or even see what happens in 2008. The difference in many cases between a freedom fighter and a terrorist is the label given by those in power who are being attacked by said "terrorists". By your definition of the word, George Walker Bush, you corrupt, power hungry, moronic son of a bitch, George Washington was a terrorist.

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