LIFE - The end of an era

Right. I haven't actually managed to post this on my blog yet, and I've done a patchy job of getting word out. We're moving back to Wellington. The details are:

I'm working for a company called Desktop Technology Services Limited (DTSL). DTSL is an IT vendor/managed service provider with a presence across New Zealand. My role is 'Technical Team Leader' for the Wellington Field Services Team, comprised of 16 Engineers. I've been looking for a year, and it's taken that long to find something I really wanted (I was a bit iffy on some of the job offers I'd received previously, and I came second for a few roles as well).

So off we go. Well kind of. I finish at Chubb tomorrow. I start in Wellington on Monday. Megz ad Kat were due to come with, however now that we're selling the house in Dorkland (Yay! I get to be a Wellingtonian again!), the agent has suggested that a furnished house will sell quicker and for more money, so the girls will stay behind for a while. We are expecting the house to sell relatively quickly. Getting a bit sad as the realisation of selling our home hits...home.

20061001a Kat and the Bear

For those reading Megz and Kat's blogs, they are doing well. We've not got videos up on YouTube (Linked under 'My Videos' on my page and Megz'). Kat's been crawling for a few months, got her first three words come through over the past few weeks, being:

Psk (Pussy cat)

...and she's pulling herself up to stand on everything. Can't wait till we start baby proofing in Wellington. Kat's going through this fussy eating/sleeping thing. May be due to stress around the house with the move. And more of that to come...@_@

On a geeky note, I am now completely OS agnostic. I'm running Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista RC2, Ubuntu and now as a result of scoring a cheap Apple iBook G3 900 HMz machine from Grays Online (Cheaper than the silly reserves people expect for this spec machine on TradeMe), I'm running Mac OS 10.2.8. Hope to run 10.4.7 when I get to Wellington (No WPA for the Airport card under Jaguar). The Mac OS skills may come in handy in the new role.

So here's one for the iBook:



MikeE said...

Best of luck at the new job Pete


Anonymous said...

http://www.imagef1.net.nz/files/RemoveIE71162245084.jpg IE7

Thought this was funny !


PS: Al the best in your new job

Paul Adams said...

Hey Pete, Stat here.
Good luck with the move buddy, good to see yerself and family are well.