LIFE - Ummm...Yeah

Mum and family are visiting at the moment. And we plan to go out for dinner one evening. I was running late in the morning, so I drove rather than bus and train.

I get to the restaurant at 18:00 for the booking. I get out of the truck, grab my bag (As I don't want to leave my new lappy in the car), click the lock and close the door. Now as I'm standing there, I can hear something, and it seems strange, as there were no other vehicles next to me at the time, but the sound I hear is a motor idling gently, and a radio is going. I look down at the truck and go "Well that can't be you going", and I start heading to the restaurant door. But as I start to walk away from the truck, I think "Well why can't that be the truck? Where are the keys?". They're not in my pocket. So I put my hand on the bonnet, and sure enough, there is a vibration there. So I walk up to the driver's window, look down at the steering column to see the keychain dangling from the ignition. Nice one. So I've locked the keys in the truck and left the motor running and the radio on. Excellent...

I give Margaret a call at home since she's not at the restaurant yet, and ask her to contact the AA. She gets back and says the AA is $160 joining fee, plus a call-out fee, so she's organised a lock-smith instead. Hey AA. You missed out on some dosh. Sort that crap out.

Everyone else start's showing yup, and I say "Hey! Wanna see something funny?" and I take them to the truck. I say nothing, just waiting. A few wrong guesses, and then finally Richard says "The truck is running". Sure enough! So I tell them the whole story, which of course they all think is hilarious. Richard took a video which will be on YouTube at some stage.

Margaret arrives, and she rolls her eyes, as only a wife can roll her eyes at her husband.

After about 45 minutes the lock-smith shows up. Puts a wedge in the door. Inserts an inflatable mat, like the Riva-Rocci cuff on a sphygmomanometer. Puts through a coat hanger thingy which goes down under the window and pops the lock. All in about 30 seconds. $120 later and I have the keys to the truck.

The moral of the story is DON'T DO THAT!!!

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