LIFE - The timeline

Heads up. Here's how it's going to go down.

1) Right now, as you're aware, the US financial system is experiencing the precursors to the big meltdown. I'm not a doomsayer with my placard announcing 'The end is neigh!'. I'm not exacerbating the problem by pointing this out.

2) The complete meltdown is being held off by two things:

A) The 'market' is waiting to see what happens when these financial institutions go under or are bailed out.


B) The US Presidential election

3) So as the market continues to crumble, and some institutions are bailed out, and some are allowed to fail the outcome is, in some instances the investors lose and in some instances the US tax payer is left with the debt. You'll note this is a lose/lose scenario. There is no win. There is no magic economic recovery at the end of the rainbow. There is no credit card with a zero balance you can look at to pay for tomorrow's groceries.

4) Who ever the poor sod is who inherits the White House, it's too late. The Titanic has struck the iceberg. The only difference is Obama wants the deck chairs aft and McSame wants them forward. So while people are holding their breath, the outcome won't make much difference.

...So the result is, after a period of evaluation (No more than three months), after the US Presidential election and after Christmas (Because there are some that will say that you buying plastic crap from China with your credit card can breath life in to the dead corpse that is the US economy) it's time to pay the piper.

You need four things to survive:


...You'll probably find the bottom three cost you money (And some would love to find a way to make you pay for the first one). And if you're in debt or have no job then these will be hard to come by. I hope who ever you are and where ever you are, you're ready for the ride. It wasn't fun in '29, and it's not going to be fun this time. This is your final warning. Now STFU and get back to work wage slave.

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