GEEK - *insert gnashing of teeth*

Ok. Situation is. Two TV's in the house. No audio on the TV in the bedroom now. Not economical to repair. Requirement = The ability to watch or record two programs at the same time. Replacement options include:

1) New TV (29" cheapo TV - $328.00 from Dick Smith). Can't record, strike 1 - not cool, strike 2 - strike 3?

2) Use something like Snapstream's Beyond TV, plus Beyond TV Link to extend our existing PVR's functions to all PCs in the house. Will require the purchase of something like a Hauppauge WinTV PVR500MCE (Same price as the TV from Dick Smith).

...Problem is, do I go with something like SageTV or Beyond TV? Neither have native on-line guides for NZ. Then there's always Windows XP Media Center Edition. I don't want to get stuck down some alley with one product to find it doesn't do what I want (Research indicates web scraping XML guides have a history of working one minute, and not working the next). Spoke to someone the other day at Microsoft. On-line guide for MCE is coming. No it won't be here soon...:-(

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