LIFE - Wellers

A question I'm getting asked a lot is:

"When are you and Margaret moving back to Wellington?".

...After 3.5 years in Auckland, I'm over the Auckland thing. Yeah, there's lots of stuff to do here, but Auckland has no soul. The difficulties in moving back to Wellington are:

1) This is where my job is
2) This is where Margaret's job is
3) This is where our mortgage is
4) This is where most of Margaret's friends are

...I'm 50/50 on moving back. When/if my family moves back, that would probably be a big thing for me that would push it up to 99/1 to move back.

So what can be done in the mean time? If you want Megz and/or I to move back, drop her an e-mail to "margaret (at) rtfm (dot) co (dot) nz". I'm sure that would belp...:-)


marty said...

You seriously want us to email Margaret? Are you insane?

RePete said...

Yes...But what does my insanity have to do with anything?

Megz said...

Let them email me ... I can just see it ... "Please, please, Mrs Hamilton, let Peter move to Wellington". LOL 8-)

marty said...

We don't want Peter, Megz ... it's you we want back down here.


RePete said...

I can live with that. We're a package deal though, so I'll just piggyback.

Anonymous said...

Richard got a big smile at that. Love you.