LIFE - I give up...

Well. It's 2100 and I'm still at work. (sarcasm)I love my job(/sarcasm) (They need to make that a real HTML tag).

Our users are sending/receiving about 1 GB of mail each day (This is a company with about 450 e-mail users!!!). Archiving and mailbox restrictions are in place for 80% of the people. The remaining 20% are our power users, and the ones it's taking time to implement the archiving and mailbox rules (Without impacting their work). So one of the mail server hits its database size limit (It needed a degrag so we didn't know quite how big it truley was).

So it's running again. Tomorrow will be fun. "We need to you manage you e-mail data" (A matter of clicking and dragging what they want to keep to their archive if the auto-archiving doesn't get it, or deleting all the "You lights are on in the car park", or joke e-mails). "I don't have time to manage my e-mail". Yeah. Well I don't have time to work late to clean up after you...>:-|

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